Premium handcrafted real ales

Stag Brewery is a producer of handcrafted Real Ales, based in the rural Kent countryside, we produce premium products by using only the finest Malt, Hops and Yeast. Our beers are cask conditioned and unfiltered to give a range of ‘live’ beers that have a full taste and aroma. All our beers are named after the species of wild deer that exist in the UK.

Twenty years in the making, we finally decided to brew commercially Three years ago, our desire was to brew a range of beers that excite the senses by using unusual hops and malts. This has resulted in a range of beers that are reminiscent of how real ales used to taste with a modern twist.

Our first Beer “Red Imperial” was received with rave reviews; Swale CAMRA stated that it was one of the best new beers that they have tasted in a very long time. Since then we have brewed another five beers that range from a rich dark Porter at 6% to an easy drinking session light English Bitter at 3.8%. All our ales are full of body and taste, even the low alcohol beers are never compromised in the depth of flavour.

Our Beers have gone from strength to strength over the last 3 years and have been supplied to numerous events and festivals &Pubs.

Stag Brewery Menu

Knock Kneed Stag

Traditional English Porter 6%       
A Dark English Porter bursting with spicy flavours, chocolate undertones and a pleasant bitter aftertaste. A true winter beer, one to be enjoyed in front of a fire with a hearty meal.


Screaming sika

New Zealand Pale Ale 5%
A true New World style beer, light and quaffable almost lager like in style. Zesty, citrus tastes with hints of grapefruit and mango. Perfect for summer drinking or for those that prefer a lighter, almost lager like beer. Best served slightly chilled


Red imperial

Dark English Bitter 4.8%
Bursting with toffee and banana flavours and a lingering spicy floral hop aftertaste, this deep ruby hued, rich, luxurious ale has lots of body and head. Perfect for Bonfire Night or as a winter warmer but loved all year round by the dark Bitter drinkers. Already a favourite, receiving great praise from Swale and East Kent branches of CAMRA on its first outing and has us included in this year’s Best Brewers and Breweries of Kent


Magic muntjac

Single Hop Bitter 4.0%
A golden light Bitter with a tropical note. The Mosaic hops impart a subtle bitter taste that lasts in the mouth and gives it a distinctive flavour.


Jane Doe

Pale Ale 4.0%
A Pale Ale, fresh Orange aromas with a deep sweet honey undertone. Generously hopped with lots of body. A good session beer.


Rambling Roebuck

Light English Bitter 3.8% 
A copper coloured ale bursting with refreshing hop aromas and a soft caramel undertone. A good easy drinking session beer that’s not too strong but doesn’t compromise on body and flavour. Popular at events and festivals.


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